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Star Trek Timelines Review, Tips, Strategies, and Gripes. ... Crew is the Heart of Star Trek Timelines. Crew is a Ship's ... So, to buy a crew member for merits costs ... How can I get more crew slots? – Star Trek Timelines All players start with a total of 85 Crew Slots. If you start to run out, you can purchase more by tapping the + sign at the bottom-right... English (US) Deutsch Français (France) Submit a ... How do I play Star Trek Timelines on multiple devices or Facebook? 5 free slots and crew slot sale : StarTrekTimelines Did you know that we now have over 700 different characters in STAR TREK TIMELINES? That felt like a good occasion to grant 5 additional crew slots to all Captains, so we went ahead and did just that! This brings the base total to 85. Were you waiting on a good opportunity to give your crew more room? Now is the time with our crew slots sale!

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Indie Game News: August 2011 When Project Temporality arrived at its posting outside Neptune and the Kuiper belt, the management announced the truth to the personnel.

Our first event, crew sorting, and much more in this FIRST LOOK at game update 1.0.6 for STAR TREK TIMELINES! 1:31 - "Behold!" Crew Pick-3 Updates 3:38 - Unlocking New Crew Slots 6:55 - Audience Q ...

Updates - Star Trek Timelines Wiki Just in time for the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery this Sunday, v3.0 for Star Trek Timelines is now live and contains new Discovery content, as well as new features, and other improvements. Star Trek Timelines Cheats Download Credits, Merits & Dilithium Star trek timelines game is an action, adventure and strategy game. It is a journey to galaxy. by using Star Trek Timelines Cheats you can unlock premium levels of game and generate unlimited money as well. Star Trek Timelines for PC and MAC

STT Collection Manager is a desktop Java application, developed to help manage a crew collection for Disruptor Beam's Star Trek Timelines game. - augustenz/STT-Collection-Manager

Hello Everyone! been a little while since I’ve posted but this is a worthwhile one! my biggest bug with timelines is having 700 crew + to choose from and having a measly 215 slots to choose from, well as of yesterday this has been increased for all new and existing timelines players by 5 slots to 220!

How Discovery Fits Into the Star Trek Timeline. ... (Idris Elba) kidnaps part of Kirk’s crew in hopes that Kirk will exchange a powerful McGuffin for their safety.

Selling Level 75, 289 immort, 54 gold charac lvl 100, 305 crew slots, 29 mill credits, Level 126 Starbase. Discussion in 'Star Trek Timelines Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Drummind21311, 1/18/19. Star Trek Timelines -Tip #3 Crew Management (Uncommon ... With a limited amount of crew space it is important to know which characters are more useful for participating in cadet challenges and events. ... Star Trek Timelines -Tip #3 Crew Management ... Star Trek Timelines :: Group Announcements Star Trek Timelines - We are the Borg• The Borg Faction has arrived! Begin new Faction missions, earn Borg components, and level up your favorite Borg crew.• Receive a FREE Legendary crew, Seven in Silver, when you install this update in January!• A brand-new Episode! Explore the challenges of Episode 9 to learn about the Borg and how they’re handling the Temporal Anomaly Crisis.• Crew Abilities - Star Trek Timelines Wiki